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We’ve created this centralized resource bank in an effort to bring the worldwide homeopathic community together. Our goal is to share information and provide support during this unprecedented and challenging time. We invite you to participate: use, share, and help us update this information. Our sincerest thanks for letting us help you with the invaluable work you’re doing. 


Some Background

Homeopathy has a proven record of effectiveness during epidemics and pandemics. Arguably the most notable recent example is the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, during which homeopaths reported cure rates significantly higher than those of traditional doctors. How were these results achieved? Reaching back another 100 years prior to that first global pandemic, Samuel Hahnemann had recognized that a specific group of remedies might characterize an epidemic when he penned in the Organon (102), 

“… the disease picture becomes more and more complete … containing more accurately the peculiarity of the particular collective disease. The ordinary symptoms … become more precisely qualified, and those that are more exceptional … reveal themselves and constitute the characteristic picture of this epidemic.”


Genius Epidemicus

This ‘characteristic picture’, better known as the ‘Genius Epidemicus’ or ‘Genus Epidemicus’, is currently being investigated for the COVID-19 pandemic by homœopaths worldwide. As the pandemic progresses, homœopaths are developing a list of remedies that are working in many of the cases being seen. Through global cooperation and collaboration, the expectation is that at some point homœopaths will clearly identify a group of remedies which are effective for the various stages of a COVID-19 case. It is also important to recognize that during this pandemic many people are responding favorably to their chronic remedy, especially in the earlier stages of the disease.


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